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Someone got Maui'ed... And we were there!
(Wednesday, April 7, 2010 7:06pm)

As I wrap up my first official trip to Maui, I am sitting here in coach typing up my latest journal entry. (Obviously, it will be posted later!) Shayleigh is sitting next to me in the bulkhead (gotta love being on standby sometimes!), and Luke is two rows ahead of us in first class - his second experience in the elite cabin so far. Once again, I am thankful for the amazing benefits I have through my job - he never would have paid to put himself in first! He has enjoyed unlimited drink service, a gourmet meal, extra room and cushy, recliner-type chairs, and access to lots of awesome movies on a personal player. I’m happy for his chance to sit in first class because he works so hard to provide for our family, and he deserves it.

Yesterday I shot an amazing wedding in Maui at a beautiful beach. Other than the fact that I had to deal with an annoyingly thorough photographer who took TONS of canned shots up until after sunset (he came with the bride’s package), I am confident in the amount of fabulous shots I was able to capture. In addition, my second shooter was none other than my best friend, who is also sitting just across the aisle from me in the bulkhead. She did SUCH a good job shooting with me that I am seriously considering having her work with me on weddings in the future. The amount that she learned while capturing this wedding was tremendous, more than she ever has learned in any class she has taken. I think that she has completely changed the way she feels about her photography skills. I am extremely proud of her.

As a side note, I was not paid for this wedding. The bride and groom are friends of Melissa and Dusty’s, and I agreed to come along for a fun trip if the bride covered Melissa’s flight. Of course, when the boys caught wind of what was going on, they were determined to come too. So in the end, Melissa, Dusty, Shay, Luke, and I headed off to Maui for some fun in the sun and a beautiful wedding. We stayed in a condo in Kihei, a two-story, two-bath with a full kitchen and a large, relaxing lanai. The condo was equipped with everything we could ever imagine needing - from a coffee grinder to snorkeling gear - and we were completely comfortable. Luke and Dusty cooked breakfast every morning, and even cooked a lunch and a dinner. Luke and I are planning on looking into those condos when we plan to buy in Hawaii. They were perfect.

The first day we had free, we went to the beach and then to Lahaina to do some shopping and eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise (YUM!!!). The next day, we shopped a little more and then went to Lahaina for a luau with the wedding party. I can’t believe we spent time at the beach on two different days and I didn’t even burn. That’s totally a first for me.

Shay had a blast. She was exhausted by her adventures every single day, and fell asleep well before take off on the plane today. Although this was more of an adult trip, I was very happy with the way things turned out for her, and I am looking forward to taking all the girls in the future. Shay was on the best behavior of any five-year-old possible. What an awesome kid. I am also thankful that she came because I think it gave her a chance to bond more with Melissa and I. She already has a stellar relationship with her father, but spending more time with the rest of us was SO beneficial for her.

The flights to and from Maui went quite well. However, I think we will avoid spring break and any other holidays in the future. The chance that we wouldn’t make our flights was quite scary, and I don’t want a repeat of it. Luke was on pins and needles that he wouldn’t get Shay back to California in time to appease his ex.

I have SO. MUCH. work to do. Tomorrow must be a productive day because wedding season begins on Saturday. And it will be killer. Although I am taking four weeks off from Hawaiian in June and July for my surgery (and therefore will be able to catch up on photo work), I don’t want to get behind. I have two small albums, an engagement session, a newborn session, and a small wedding to crank out, and I’m a bit intimidated. And there is much, much more to come.

Happy April, everyone!

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