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Yeah, about that wedding shopping...
I need a drink.
Ton, Melissa and I went shopping for bridesmaid dresses on Saturday, only to be completely let down by what we found. I have to say that I believe finding my dress will be EASY compared to finding an elegant, affordable bridesmaid dress in the cut and color I want. David's Bridal has my color, but their selection of dresses is disgustingly ugly. I refuse to let my girls buy one of their hideous dresses. Every other place we looked at was very expensive, and most lines don't have a shade of blue even close to what I am looking at.

The trip was not completely unsuccessful, however. I found a few lines I liked, and I am looking exclusively into Enzoani right now. (Probably up until I see prices of their gowns, hahaha.) I need to see their swatch, of course, but it looks promising. Also, I think I want the girls to wear something with straps because I am expecting that I will end up in a strapless gown despite the fact that I HATE that every bride wears strapless. Unfortunately, there isn't a better looking cut out there (in my opinion). I will just have to find something more original in details, like the one in my previous post.

I'm trying very hard to stay organized with the wedding planning right now since any excessive research tends to raise my anxiety levels. I am thinking a master list is going to help me feel a little better, so I will probably start that right away. There are so many things that we need that I feel haven't been properly accounted for, and I want to make sure it is all taken care of and ready to go the day of the wedding. It's also hard to get quotes for services I need (such as flowers) when I don't even know WHAT I need yet. So my vision needs to come together in order to get these things started.

Work is already crazy, and MY wedding season hasn't even begun. That starts Saturday - whee. Right now I am working on 4 small sessions, 3 albums, and two weddings. Yikes.


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