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It's here!
Isn't that great?
The nausea has found me. The one thing that is so hard about this part of being pregnant is that it's almost impossible to figure out WHAT you can eat to make your tummy happy, and then once you figure it out... You end up eating too much and getting sick all over again. I felt really good (but ready for a coma) for about an hour after my McD's breakfast this morning, and now I am starting to feel sick all over again. I have no idea what foods in this house will make me happy. Maybe potato wedges? Peanut butter and jelly? There is no planning meals ahead of time, just give the belly what it wants NOW!

Lucas found a photography workshop for me to attend this coming weekend, but I would have to fly out Wednesday evening and skip the camping trip with Ton and Dave this weekend. Arg. I don't think I will attend, partially because I don't recognize the photographer. And if I can go visit Susan in September, then why not just do that? (Speaking of Susan - I should probably email her about that...) I did, however, sign up for Jasmine Star's newsletter, so I plan to keep up to date on when her next one comes up. I just missed the last one on June 22. :-(

Friday I entered four weddings to Real Weddings Magazine, and I am SUPER hopeful that Nicole and Dan's will at least make the cut. There are ad requirements in order to be published there, but I think I can deal with them.


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